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About Itty-Bitty Calico Kitty

Through the words and the story of an Itty-Bitty Calico Kitty, children of all ages will be inspired by this delightful and engaging tale of the importance of giving and receiving love.  A portion of each sale benefits Watching Over Whiskers and  for each special edition purchased a foster child will receive a book of their very own!

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What a powerful message delivered in a sweet package! Preschoolers through 10yr olds will identify with this book and the characters.  I can see it becoming a favorite for foster parents and all kinds of kids! 

Jill Andrews Goodman, Reading Specialist, Springfield Public Schools

What a sweet, poignant story of developing trust and sense of belonging -of simply, learning to love yourself. Having this told through a sweet rescue kitten will surely connect with kids and make a difference for both kids and kitties. What a win for everyone who reads this sweet story.

Marci Bowling, Founder, Watching Over Whiskers 

The story of the Itty Bitty Calico Kitty is one of innocence, change, resilience, and allowing love in one's life. The kitty goes through experiences that give her pause to think about each experience and how she feels about it. This will give the young reader an opportunity to relate to events in his or her own life; to ask questions, embrace change, and possibly realize that there is goodness and love in the world.

R. Michelle Porter, M.A. Intuitive Healing Counselor


 What young readers

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